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I was born in Zurich in 1980 and grew up here. After completing my apprenticeship as a carpenter, I was increasing interest in the previous design process of the work, which I  made as an employee in the joinery. With the aim of completing a degree in industrial design, I attended the design vocational school of maturity. I was fascinated by contact with various artists and established personalities from the fields of design and art. I got more and more engagements for work I did on my own. This circumstance motivated me to become self-employed at the end of 2010.

I design furniture with style.

Sustainable, long-lasting and timeless.

Whether it is a table or a lamp,

important is the story behind it.

The objects I have designed are manufactured by local manufacturers from various industries in the highest quality. Meanwhile, implementations for scenographic installations also belong to a broad repertoire of assignments.